The Machine Gun is a Tier 2 Tank which upgrades from the Tank. It makes the Tank barrel narrower and clumps two more of those on both sides, forming a Machine Gun.


The Machine Gun features a circular base with one 3-segmented Machine Gun on the front.


A cycle with this tank consists of three shots. This class gets a base stat debuff to Bullet Damage and a base stat buff to Reload.


Strong against: Tanks with low Bullet Penetration, Spread fire type tanks

Weak against: Everything else

As the Machine Gun

  • The high reload makes it great for farming. Upgrade as soon as you can.
  • Try not to take things on without having at least three points in Bullet Damage.

You do have the Spread fire type as a Machine Gun but only a tiny bit (which means you can out-focus other Spread tanks).

Against the Machine Gun

  • Use a Focused fire type.
  • Do not try to ram it as it will either flee very quickly or force you to retreat with a bullet storm.


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